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My Team


Amanda has been a professional photographer since 2003, and has spent the last four years on her own, focusing on her love of dramatic ligting and playing in the shadows. She has a natural talent for posing and making you feel comfortable during your session.  She is fluent in sarcasm, and uses it frequently. She loves sushi, fountain coke, excessively high heels and Pandora's disco channel. (Everybody moves to disco!) She can often be seen climbing on things to get just the right angle.

Alan and Amanda met when they were thrown together to teach a photography class. He has decades of experience in photography, and was happy to share his knowledge and his studio space with Amanda. Not only does he share Amanda's love of dramatic lighting and shadows, he tolerates her wild ideas and set changes, he can build anything she can think of, and has even been known to participate in a few furniture retrieval and revival missions. In addition to lighting, set building, prop construction, and studio management, he also gets in front of the camera during the holiday season as Santa Claus, and serves as second shooter during weddings.

Candi is essential to the business, though few people ever meet her. Amanda uses her daily for opinions on creative ideas, answering phone calls, and updating social media and web pages. She is also helpful during the most hectic parts of the year to remind Amanda to control her schedule, and to say no occasionally. It doesn't always work, but she says it a lot...complete with head shaking and eye rolling.

David is Amanda's husband, and, since his recent retirement, is often seen working as Amanda's assistant during sessions. He is great at helping to get small children to smile. He says this is because he is about the same age as most of Amanda's small subjects. He can also be found occasionally at sales appointments, and is instrumental in handling things behind the scenes. 

Sidney wants to get her pilot's license one day, but until then, she is our resident makeup specialist. She has serious issues with her lipstick collection, but rest assured, she's sure to have the perfect color for you, since that collection has climbed to over 100. She loves soccer, PB&J sandwiches, cereal, and fart jokes. She also loves helping women see a side of themselves they may not normally see, by enhancing their natural beauty for boudoir and glamour sessions.